How we work

Think about an ordinary workplace accident at your company.
Imagine if a staff member of the cleaning firm was involved.

If the person was not hired in complete compliance with the law or the contractor had not fully implemented all of the safety regulations, You may be responsible, even criminally.

Were you aware of that?
Maybe you weren’t. Do you want to take this risk? We hope not.

This is why we have been operating for more than 40 years in the company cleaning sector in a professional and reliable manner, employing only qualified personnel who have been hired in accordance with the laws in force.

Thanks to state-of-the-art methods (cleaning has also evolved in technological terms), specific products and suitable equipment, we provide a punctual and efficient service with a very competitive quality/price ratio.

Many people think that the perception of cleanliness is the same in every corner of the world. Therefore all one needs to do is to give the cleaning work to any individual, from anywhere in the world, and the result will be the same.

We believe, on the other hand, that the “cleanliness culture” of one country is not always the same as that of others.

As such, the TRASH BUSTERS Consortium generally only hires Italian cleaning personnel.

In the exceptional situations where this is not the case, a long training and mentoring period ensures that the new worker meets our quality standards.

In any case, our staff is entirely made up of highly experienced personnel or people that have the qualities required to gain the necessary skills through our training programme.

Every Client is assigned the right resources, where possible resident in the local neighbourhood, who have the most suitable qualities for the service to be performed.

Aside from the legally required safety courses, all of our workers are periodically trained to improve their operating techniques and to learn how to use professional machines and new cleaning products.

Unfortunately, too many managers take this approach.

And yet, the same person who makes this decision at work does not use the same criteria when buying, for example, a crate of apples: blindly choosing the one that costs less!!

Before making this purchase, indeed, each of us evaluate:

  1. the origin and type of product;
  2. the quality of the product;
  3. the WEIGHT (crates of apples that have different prices can also have different weights!);
  4. the helpfulness and friendliness of the employees (carrying the crate to your car, for example).

Why shouldn’t we make the same evaluations when choosing a cleaning firm?

If the quality of the cleaning service can only be judged at the end, the “origin and type” of service can instead be evaluated from the beginning, considering, for example, that there are multi-purpose companies (cleaning, porterage, building maintenance, logistics, transport, etc.) and companies that specialize only in cleaning. The same differences exist between a superstore and a specialized store.

The TRASH BUSTERS Consortium only offers highly specialized cleaning services.

Different WEIGHT.

The cleaning service is based on a key parameter: the TIME the worker has to complete the activity (cleaning staff are paid on the basis of the number of hours they work).

If the worker is given more time, better results will be achieved, but it will also cost a little more. Conversely, if they have less time, the costs are lowered, but so is the quality…

This is how our more aggressive competitors mislead managers, offering lower prices and appearing more competitive: by cutting the amount of time the cleaners are given! With obvious consequences in terms of the results.

It’s as if, like at the supermarket, we convinced ourselves to buy the least expensive crate of apples without checking whether the others (the competitors), costing a little more, actually contain more apples!!

But the lowest price can also hide something more serious; for example:

  1. workers paid irregularly (often only partially, because this is more difficult to discover);
  2. drastic savings on cleaning products (forcing the cleaner to use rough, coarse and inefficient methods such as water, alcohol and elbow grease…);
  3. no replacement workers during absences due to sickness or holiday in order to cut costs.

During their on-site visit, the TRASH BUSTERS Consortium’s technicians will accurately determine the minimum time that a professional and efficient cleaner would need to perform the service to the required level of quality. The quoted price is the result of this evaluation.

The price offered by the TRASH BUSTERS Consortium is always fair, taking into account the amount of time worked, to offer the best quality service.

We do not try to fool the Client by offering a price that is lower than the competition, hoping that the Client will not investigate “why” it is lower…

The TRASH BUSTERS Consortium makes significant investments in high-tech machinery in order to speed up and improve its cleaning services.

For just a slightly higher cost, using this equipment (even the most complex: fully electronic machines or machines managed with special software) makes our job more efficient, significantly reduces operating times and improves the quality of the service.

The TRASH BUSTERS Consortium uses high quality cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and compliant with stringent chemical safety requirements.

The operating procedures, which also take into account the properties of the products used, allow us to assure high quality standards while protecting the health of cleaners and the Client’s employees.

To guarantee the best service, we carry out regular onsite checks in order to evaluate our workers’ performances. The results of these checks are reported in a document used by the Group’s management to determine the specific actions for each case.

The Client’s assessment is very important for us, even if problems with the service are not explicitly stated. We therefore periodically ask the Clients to complete a questionnaire so we can assess their level of satisfaction (Customer Satisfaction Procedures). This document is extremely important for us and we always act immediately to correct any deficiencies.

No quotes by e-mail, over the telephone or per square metre; no pre-packaged solutions.

To determine which type of work your company needs, the TRASH BUSTERS Consortium’s technicians will personally carry out a detailed inspection, examining the characteristics of the location and defining the priorities together with you.

Once the most appropriate methods have been identified, we evaluate the use of industrial machines and propose the most economical and effective solution for you, providing a detailed offer to meet your actual needs.

Ask for an on-site visit today: we’d be happy to perform an assessment and give you our best offer, without any obligation whatsoever.

We think that our personalised services should integrate perfectly with your main business.

Once your company’s requirements and needs have been identified, we design a service based on your operating processes and become an active part of them in order to make your life easier.

At a certain point we will take the initiative, upon your previous agreement, if any further activities are deemed necessary (for example: cleaning glass not included in the contract, periodic treatment of the floors, removing cobwebs in the warehouse, etc.) without you needing to ask.

And finally, your employees, who previously had to establish cleaning needs or, even worse, pursue the previous supplier to resolve problems with their services (often receiving unpleasant complaints from colleagues), can now focus on something more gratifying and productive!

Our objective is to free up some of your company’s resources so that you can use them more efficiently in your core business.

So, once the necessary measures have been jointly determined, you can forget about cleaning issues in the knowledge that the service will be carried out to the expected level. We will also determine and manage (upon your authorization) any additional cleaning requirements.

With the TRASH BUSTERS Consortium, the problem of cleaning is no longer a problem!

WE ARE NOT an extemporary cleaning service firm (the relatively low “entry barriers” in this sector allow lots of people to believe that they can start up a cleaning business); our founding members have been operating in this sector for more than 40 years.

WE ARE NOT think, as lots of people do, that everyone understands cleanliness as we do, no matter which part of the world they come from: we prefer Italian workers with extensive experience or an ability to develop the required skills through our specific training.

WE ARE NOT make quotes that require us to provide anything other than our professionalism, skill and ability to be competitive through the value of our service and the best quality/price ratio. In fact, we escape from such circumstances without hesitation: (negotiating with company purchasing managers we only sign transparent agreements).

WE ARE NOT offer prices that result in the non-observance, even in part, of the current legal provisions relating to contributions and safety. Given the joint responsibility between the bidder and the Client, our primary objective is to avoid unpleasant consequences for our Client, too.