Structure of the group

trashbusters, pulizie, impresa, attica,


Offers general cleaning services to businesses since January 1997. It also delivers toilet paper and personal hygiene products such as hand towels, soap etc. and performs activities aimed at improving the image and reputation of Clients by creating and maintaining a pleasantly clean and hygienic environment.



Established in December 1996 by ATTICA s.r.l. and ORIZZONTE s.c., the Consortium is the Group’s commercial entity directly run by the owner, an entrepreneur who has been operating in the commercial cleaning services market since 1968. In the Group’s structure the associate companies operate as a procurement and coordination unit (ATTICA) and as provider of human resources (ORIZZONTE), respectively. The Consortium’s headquarters are located in Modena town with a products warehouse in the office’s rear. It operates throughout the province of Modena and its neighbouring areas using the most modern cleaning services equipment. It also stores machinery and equipment in a separate depot located near the head office.

trashbusters, pulizie, impresa, attica,