We clean away many prejudices

The owner of the Group has operated in the cleaning services market for more than 40 years and has followed its evolution from the forefront: from the era of the classic “cleaning woman with broom, bucket and mop” to the current electronically-controlled machines with dedicated software to achieve the appropriate cleanliness of special environments.

Today, our sector also requires increasing levels of specialization due to:

• the increased complexity and sophistication of equipment and machinery;
• the increase in the diversification of the professional products on the market, which often require chemical expertise;
• the greater awareness of safety, both personal and related to interferences with the Client’s activities;
• the greater stringency of government agent controls regarding fiscal, national insurance and safety measures (especially for interferential risks) related to tender contracts for cleaning services, for which the Client and contractor are jointly responsible.

Because of this, our Group considers the quality of personnel and the respect for regulations as key elements and we therefore pay the utmost attention to the:

• selection of people with a high growth potential and talent to learn;
• training of personnel, with regard to updating and upgrading professional techniques and the cultivation of customer relations;
• thorough fulfilment of all obligations and regulations governing the cleaning service supply.