Our partners


. Industrial companies:

cleaning of offices, laboratories, changing rooms, warehouses (also with special floor treatments), outdoor areas with street sweepers, regular washing of windows (inside and externally) also at height, supply of toilet paper and personal hygiene products such as hand towels, soaps, etc.

. Sales offices:

cleaning of offices and warehouses.

. Agroindustrial companies:

special hygienical cleaning for surfaces, floors hygienic treatments.

. Banking institutions:

cleaning of offices, corridors, important staircases, windows, boardrooms.

. Professional offices:

cleaning of offices and protective treatment of valuable furnishings and antique furniture.

. Dental and medical practices:

scheduled specialized cleaning of surfaces with specific products, careful cleaning of all environments with customized jobs.


. Supply company technicians and chemists who periodically train our staff.

. Professional consultants for specific treatments and specialized jobs.


. Qualified manufacturers of floor cleaning machines, floor scrubbers, sweeping machines, single disc machines, etc.

. Important chemical companies, mostly operating in the research sector, manufacturers of modern and effective industrial compounds for the professional cleaning of all types of surfaces